(The following was originally posted on Bloody Minded: A Message Board for Blood Drinkers on Tuesday, 8 February, 2000.)


As always the question of hunters returns.  I have had a little experience with hunters...ranging from a rather messy and violent incident to polite and civil email.  I am actually still speaking with two hunters via email.  They know who they are.  Don't get paranoid people...they do not often lurk in the vampire msg boards.

There are two kinds of hunters.  The real thing, and those raving lunatics who have watched far too much Buffy, Blade, yadda yadda yadda.  Unfortunately, we live in a world where free speech and freedom of choice is perverted by the nutters.  The real deal -- hunters -- are thorough and well-educated regarding vampires.  Quite often, they will speak with vampires and respond to pleas for help with rogue hunters.  The three I have spoken with track down [allegedly] immortal vampires.  None have ever killed any, but they have alerted authorities to killer vampires.  Lets face it...it needs to happen that way.  We cannot afford to have killers running around.  They tend not to slay killer vampires...just report them.

On the other hand, we have the lunatics.  They think that all vampires are demons, evil, satanic, blah blah blah.  We all know that is a pile of rubbish.  They tend to try to stake or behead...no questions asked.  They are class "A" psychos and need to be dealt with accordingly.  DO NOT seriously maim or harm...unless you are in danger.  Use the police...get a court order for stalking or harrassment.  There is very little they can do from a jail cell.  These nutters must be taken very seriously.

As to protection.  Try to tell as few people as possible.  Some will cope with the news well...others not so well.  Use discretion and trust your instincts.  Try not to wear your badge....you know the one that came with the handbook...

"I am a vampire...don't bug me."  JOKING

Unfortunately the hunters do not wear labels.  This is not all that fair.  Hmmm...we need to pass legislation decreeing that all hunters are to wear neon orange so vampires can identify them.  I like the idea.

Well, that is the end of my "knowledge" regarding hunters.  I am sure many will reply to this either in agreement or by jumping up and down.  If any hunters out there read this, please feel free to correct me...I am a vampire, not a hunter so I don't have the hunter handbook.  Just the vampire handbook.

Take care...be safe.

Love always,


*Awaiting the possible replies with glee*