Although one of the first rules a child learns is to be silent, I can hold my tongue no longer. I see children set free in ignorace of their rebirth rights to spend their lives in prisons. I see those who have a little twisted knowledge leading thier packs to death. I see the confused faces in the papers, what has happened to the truth? Where are the elders?

A brother asked me to tell the truth. I said no then, But now it seems it is too dangerous not to tell.


What is it?

We are all aware of how our DNA structure is created and recreated with every generation. constantly re-engineered thru the cycle of birth and enviromental factors. In this world is a dizzying amount of variation on the human species. The Amerindian with scooped and ridged teeth. Andes dwellers with oversized lung capacity and powerful legs. Each of our now separate races were once one tribe a long long time ago.

Mycrochondial DNA studies of the past 20 years have pointed to a Female, of approximatly eighty thousand years ago, whose children, although they might have had different fathers, and wandered far afield, who is the mother of a good 50 to 70 percent of the people on this planet. Most of the followers of this theory call her Eve; I prefer to call her Lillith, after the ancient Aramaic story of Adam, for whom Yah created a woman to be his wife as he had created him. Like this Adam who turned away from his equal to a lesser vessel, historical man has indicated that woman has an inferior place in the human legacy. But as everyone knows, two dads can't make a baby.

So now we have the proof that a woman, of small stocky built, tan skin and brown hair was our Mother. So where did the red heads come from? Pale skin, Freckles, and Blue eyes? All are cases of long term enviromental influence on our ancestors. Those who were able to survive in a diverse conditions thrived and procreated. Those who didn't died, along with the unadaptable physical characteristics with them in that area.

As we mutated from Homo erectus, habilis to sapiens, our physiology changed: Hormonal systemsand Endocrine retimed to flow and ebb at different times. Our family structures changed. From land wide tribal wanderings, to disease laden cities. This too has it's function in changing our bodies. Too many infections make a county man weaken and die. The future of that culture shocked race - the children - are born defective and never grow to adulthood. Those who do live, have adapted quickly to better live under those conditions.

In the midst of this constant turmoil there is a set of genes that seem to insist on survival. It can definitely say that they are centered in hemoglobin production and glandular makeup of the body. Many European physicians have termed this a genetic disorder under the general term Phorpheria.

Others just term it Vampirism.


How does it work?

Located along the genestructure descended from Lillith are our rearbrain functions: breathing, hunger, flight or fight, sex drive, time and stages of puberty and aging. All those uncontrollable functions. are run by our "reptilian" back brain, our instinctual heritage and possible race memory repository.

Running in this code sequences is contained a set of "useless" genes. Much like the appendix, that vestigial organ that we never think about until it bursts, this code has a stimulation on the Thalamus, Thyroid, Endocrinal glands, and the connecting nerve substructures of the back brain.

In a joking reference one researcher at Columbia University remarked at a 1989 biotechical conference that this sequence may be the underlying reason for Scitzophrenic or Lunatic behaviors since so many of his test subjects were under psychiatric care or left the project to be institutionalized. Thus it is occasionally referred to as the Luna sequence, and we will use the term here also.

Ongoing research on the effects of biofeedback, at the University of Ohio Medical Center on Cancers and other fatal diseases have proven that the mental/emotional state of the conscious mind assists the glands in producing endocrine and seretonins. Thus effecting the phycial health of the body.

Many of today's medications and designer drugs have similar effects on these systems, But as they are not part of the natural secretion of the glands, the T-cells and other virus fighting cells regard these helper chemicals as invaders and wear the immune system out in attacking them, often weakening the system.

However, when the injection of another persons or animals glands - of those substances whioch are naturally occurring - for the evoking of the sufferers own gland secretions thru Biofeedback, there is a marked positive healing reaction in the body.

A person who is under trauma produces massive qualities of seretonins, adrenalin and endocrine (SEA) by their bodies attempt to flee, fight and heal itself at the same time. One such person, dying, being a latent carrier of the gene strain called Luna, can produce eight to ten times as much SEA in the same period of time as an Eve. Under these circumstances, another Luna carrier, ingesting the SEA active blood of a carrier Luna, can become an active Luna, by the overdose of this chemical cocktail. A small dosage of SEA seems to render a temporary euphoric state that wears off in about 30 days.

An Eve (non-Luna carrier) ingesting any amount of SEA, has little change in status; usually a flu-like illness that lasts for about a fortnight.


How it change one to another Commonly, a suspected Luna would be changed thru a blood rite by en established clan, or house. The actual ritual included orgies climaxed with the sacrifice of blood (usually) latent at point of orgasm.

The basic funtion of the ritual is to raise the amount of the virus in the sacrifices blood to toxic amounts, which once ingested by the changling also in toxic shock, would overload the bloodstream and create the mutations required.

Solitaries would take a lover. And in much the same fashion raise both themselves and their child to toxic levels before a mutual transfusion of hemoglobin would take place. This is a long term experiment, often taking days to reach toxicity.

Today, with our epicurean sanitation, a few of those who wish to pass on their Luna ways, will take a student and after much training, will cause him/her th have SEA activation thru evocative rituals, and brainwashed to form a continued attachment to the host, then inject them with a small quantity of their blood or serum.

Now where is the pleasure in that?


The change

(Subjective coments on the process) - If you recognize a quote of yours in here, please email me. The author is wondering how you are...

"Its a very odd sort of feeling. First you spent your life with your body is a prison that you must enforce the rules of breathing and movement. Then you drink, you have a fever, you loose that little control you have, and then you die. A nice long peaceful sleep. When you awake, your sight is clearer, sharper. You don't need as much light, as much food as much of any material thing. You are more aware of your body not as a thing, but as a conglomerate, you have more control over it and all it's functions and it's abilities. And what you are."

- 1975

"It's a weird state similar to having too much LSD and Ephedrine."

- 1995

"You always know you are different, out of place. Then you find another one like you but ahead, you share, and then you are home, no matter you are still alone."

- 1991

"Hot and cold at the same time. You notice everything, and suddenly you feel nothing. All you can focus on is the pain you have until you fall asleep. Then when you wake up and realize it's not your pain you felt, and you don't need to carry it anymore."

- 1991

"It's not so much a change, as it is a growing. It's A realization that everything is true and everything is false. and how you deal with that. It's the realization of your own power and the responcibilites it contains. Or irrisposibities."

- 1976

"Who cares what it is? You did it and you can do it and that's all"

- 1976

"It's the belonging and the sharing, that you are a part of a bigger, greater thing. a hivemind that stretches backward, forward and outward. That there are no limitations on you. It's pure freedom, and the knowledge that nothing can take it away from you."

"Not even death, because we are past that bridge"

- 1976

"Death came on little kitten's paws, that transformed to the claws of a tiger. MY claws."


"It is the rebirth that is the wonder, leaving the old twisted life behind, to become a child again, and stay in that state of the Mothers grace."

- 1983

"Its Taking off the blinders and seeing the truth and the fiction, and knowing you have no part in it anymore. What you are part of, is parthanogenisi with the bugs worked out. The next step in the evolution of the food chain and the primary species at one time."

- 1997

"I went from the ninth circle of human hell to the throne of the gods buy opening Three doors, the First of my veins, the second of my mouth, the third of my mind."

- 1993

"Feeling, being, existing, I have no fear, because I am fear, I have no hate, I can feed on it. I have no love, I am love. I am everything that is denied, and I know everything you hide, I am your worst nightmare. I am you."

- 1984


The maintenance of the new one.

Any heightening of the adrenal or endorinals produce a stimulation of this now activated section of the brain. Highly abused drugs such as cocaine, ecstasy and heroin give these pleasurable sensations often making an already socially unsteady individual worst with few lasting effects. But in one of the Luna creates a state of hunger and thirst that often negates the memory and action of the forebrain, and societies laws.

Therefore the Luna people have created a set of rules that are explicit and often harsh rules for their society that allow for little deviation.

As mentioned earlier, the barrier between real and unreal has become misty in this time of misinformation and common falsifications. For instance:

"Procreation is possible." Male Lunas can impregnate many and any female hominid. Female Luna are seldom impregnated other than by their own kind. The reproductive systems treat the sperm as viral invaders unless the Luna DNA is carried by the father. This usually results in repeated miscarriages ending in involuntary sterilization.

Large amount of B-vitamins are suggested along with a syrup of silica. Certain herbal and alcoholic drinks are the specialty of the different houses.

Sunlight although painful is not deadly. If you continually spend your time abroad at night, you will quickly loose your tolerance for it. It is best to keep to the shadows anyway because of optical damage. Clothing during the summer should cover as much of your skin as possible. Over my travels, I have found that pale silks to be the best protection against sunlight. (Don't laught! Silk is a natural material breathable with a finish that reflects light away rather than absorbing it! The pale colour makes it's reflective ability greater. It may have been created just to protect us.

Investing in a hat and tinted glasses are also good ways to avoid long term light damage.

As to the myth of "night creatures, meeting in corners, killing in lonely cemetaries." Seldom do any of the people drop to that depth. I have met in my life families with children, teachers, students, businesspeople. All within daily life, you could not even see what they are except for sometimes an unwillingness to give up certin oddnesses of dress. And they seldom eat out.


Speak not before outsiders.
Obey the laws of the territory or be gone in three suns.
Do not share without care. Give what you get, leave softly, harm none without provocation.
No one is to be changed against their will. When you change one, he is your child, you are responsible for his actions for three years.
Honor the oath of blood.
Your houses may change, but your parent is forever.
If you must kill, be not caught by blood or killer.

In addition to these universal rules, each household has a set of laws and penaties for it's time and place, each clan, and tribe also. Some range from the rediculous to holdovers from the origninal age of the Holder.

I have these from D. J. Wheeler.

52a The death of a negro slave of the house is to be reguarded as theft. The housemaster to demand restitution. The death of a negro of personal property is to be repaied in full.

When a member of the clan is charged under the statue of witchcraft, all nearby individuals will clear said victems house of any form of sedidious materials to secure for their return. Contact will be made to the local Housemaster to ascertain the complexity of the charges and arrange needed bail and possible deportment.

From Daniel Cohen

If a knight of the cloth be at your front door, have the sense to leave by the back.

Do not leave your chatttel in the guaderobe (medieval bathrooms)

From "Zodiac Jack"

Never stay more than two nights in one hundred miles.

Never leave off more than one toy in that radius.

Never move in a straight line.

Don't waste the good stuff on your pets.



Iwould like to thank the following people for the facts not fiction.

D.J.Wheeler, Cassandra and Micheal Neal of Boston. Sarena Felene', and Andie Connors of San Fransisco. Daniel and Petra Cohen of Israel and France. Zodiac Jack-may your shadow never be seen. Pyewacket- untillI nightfall. And all the rest know who you are.