forum lurker

one of the reasons I wanted to have my own forum is, I don't know how to act in other poeple's forums, I wanted to post but I don't know if I should post or when should I post new thread or should I join in the conversation or not or will I be welcome or will people ignore me or will they flame me, stuff like that, I know I am paranoid ^^;; but can't help it, it took me browsing around very long before I was confident enough to post a new thread or even a reply on any forum, most of the time I just happily lurking around.

bad me, I really want to change that, -.-;; I don't know why it is so hard for me to just talk to other people, especially stranger, whether in the net or in real life, I'm so pathetic.

Shari - 29.01.2004 (2 replies)